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B-BBEE Solutions

BEE Affidavit When looking at B-BBEE Solutions, you need to make sure under which category your company falls in terms of the enterprise definition.

A QSE or Qualifying Small Enterprise is defined as a company whose turnover is between R10 Million and R50 Million. A GE or Generic Enterprise is defined as a company whose turnover exceeds R50 Million.

Factors that will play a role in determining your B-BBEE Score include:

  • Management Control
  • Skill Development / Learnership
  • Ownership
  • Supplier & Enterprise development
  • Socio-economic Development Initiatives
We are able to provide assistance with B-BBEE solutions for your company, that includes that focussed on Enterprise and Supplier development, but mostly on the skill development and learnership part of the process.

In short, you would have to increase the amount of learnerships, to the leviable amount of your payroll. Through this you will receive an increase amount of weighting points towards your B-BBEE scorecard.

Using this process will work in short as follows:

  • Employ certain ethnic group youth with ages between 18 and 29, with a salary scale of R 2,000 to R 6,000. This will be done under a registered learnership agreement.
  • You will receive a monthly tax incentive from SARS for every youth employment in service.
  • On an annual basis you will receive a taxable allowance for each learnership to be deducted from your income tax calculation. The potential benefit will be 28% of the allowable deduction.

Your income Tax Benefits for Learnerships are as follows:

  • Annual tax-deductible allowances for newly entered and completed qualifying learnerships.
  • By using the youth employment incentive from SARS for employees, earning between R 2,000 and R 6,000 per month.
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