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BEE Verification Agency - Turnover more than R10 Million

Although we focus mainly on EME Bee Certificates, we work very closely with another BEE Verification company that will be able to assist you, if your turnover is more than R10 Million annually. This Verification Company is SANAS Accredited.

The whole process involves around an audit in order to determine the BEE level of compliance of the company. Through the audit, the company will be assessed and validated in terms of the Government's BEE Codes of Good practice.

There are quite a few elements that do play a role in determining the BEE level of compliance and these are listed below: There are two options that are applicable here and please find more information below:

- Qualifying Small Enterprises: Annual turnover between R5m - R35m. (4 of the 7 elements rated.)
- Generic Enterprises: Annual turnover more than R35m. (All 7 elements rated.)

If you are interested, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are currently members of the Institute of Accounting & Commerce (The principle director JN Basson are registered with practice number AO652993) & South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.

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